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Nasiono Sampler Vol.4
Nasiono Sampler Vol. 4 here:

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Last Updated ( niedziela, 10 styczeń 2016 )
2015 in 2 minutes and 15 seconds
Here's a short presentation which summarizes the passing year 2015 and to remind you of its most important moments: launching of our sublabel Na Siano and a resounding success of the "Live at SpaceFest!" album
by Pure Phase Ensemble Live at SpaceFest! feat. Mark Gardener (who's currently celebrating his big
comeback with RIDE). 

Last Updated ( wtorek, 22 grudzień 2015 )
SpaceFest! 2015 - full line-up and a new teaser
Ladies and Gentlemen, on 4-5 Dec the SpaceFest! shuttle is entering the orbit for the 5th time! Here’s our teaser (by Zambari) with full festival line-up: The Telescopes, Kairon; IRSE!, Hugo Race + Pure Phase Ensemble, DYN, Lights That Change, TAU, Folder, Snowid, Zimowa, Lotry. Share the news with the rest of the Universe!
For more information go to:  

Last Updated ( poniedziałek, 16 listopad 2015 )
Notatki to drugie video z płyty Pure Phase Ensemble 4 - Live at SpaceFest! 

Morning Rise
Morning Rise to pierwsze video z płyty Pure Phase Ensemble 4 - Live at SpaceFest! 

Last Updated ( poniedziałek, 07 wrzesień 2015 )
Kiev Office on tour!
This year Kiev Office sets out on tour to play 4 concerts. Let's meet by the Baltic sea!
Last Updated ( piątek, 14 sierpień 2015 )
Pure Phase Ensemble 4 - TRAILER
Check out the trailer for our new album: Pure Phase Ensemble 4 - Live at SpaceFest! 
You can purchase a beautifully packed CD version in our online shop.
The album is also available on bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify.
And here's the short film presenting Mark Gardener (Ride) with Pure Phase Ensemble for you to enjoy!:

Last Updated ( piątek, 14 sierpień 2015 )
Premiere of Pure Phase Ensemble 4 - Live at SpaceFest!
We're proud to announce that the most anticipated album Pure Phase Ensemble 4 feat. Mark Gardener is ready!
On 8 August at Nasiono Records merchandise stall at OFF Festival in Katowice we’ll be celebrating the premiere of the album together with Mark Gardener who will be signing CDs. And in the meantime, here's a preorder for the impatient ones. :)

Last Updated ( piątek, 14 sierpień 2015 )
Na Siano - our new sublabel
Check out our new sublabel Na Siano for some out-spaced projects. Let the content blow your mind! :D

Last Updated ( piątek, 14 sierpień 2015 )

Asia i Koty
2016-01-17 Owoce i Warzywa, Lodz + Shivers&Shakes 

2016-01-17 Klub Ucho, Gdynia + Ortalion, Izes

The Shipyard

2016-02-27 Klub Zak, Gdansk /new album premiere!/

2016-03-04 Wloczykij, 10. Gryfinski Festiwal Miejsc i Podrozy, Gryfino

Last Updated ( niedziela, 17 styczeń 2016 )
Play in a band with Hugo Race
If you're a young and talented musician you can play with Hugo Race in Pure Phase Ensemble 5.
The workshop will be held from 30 Nov to 3 Dec 2015 and the concert - on 5 Dec
in Gdansk in Klub Zak during SpaceFest! festival.
Try your luck and send your application. More information here.

Last Updated ( piątek, 14 sierpień 2015 )
We run workshops every December
It is only possible in Tri-city. Mark Gardener (Ride) with Pure Phase Ensemble.
It was wonderful. Spread the news.

Last Updated ( piątek, 14 sierpień 2015 )
SpaceFest! 2014 - documentary
Here is SpaceFest! documentary including inteviews with Mark Gardener, Silver Apples, The Oscillation, Snowid, 2kilos &More, The KVB and more... Enjoy!

Last Updated ( poniedziałek, 23 marzec 2015 )
Snowid + Asia i Koty - Jedna trasa - dwie skrajności!
Snowid + Asia i Koty - Jedna trasa - dwie skrajności!
9 IV Gdańsk, Absinthe Cafe
10 IV Szczecin, Domek Grabarza
11 IV Ustka, Ramydada
12 IV Toruń, Koniec Świata
13 IV Warszawa, Chłodna 25
14 IV Radom, Czytelnia Kawy
16 IV Kraków, Caryca Dajwór
17 IV Wrocław, Smutek
Last Updated ( wtorek, 10 marzec 2015 )
Popsysze trasa
Popsysze ruszają w trasę:

Last Updated ( wtorek, 10 marzec 2015 )
Asia i Koty w Gdyni
Post użytkownika Nasiono Records.
Last Updated ( czwartek, 26 luty 2015 )
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