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Ampacity - Encounter One
 Nasiono 54/2013


price: 50zl (+ 9 zl costs for shipping inside Poland)

price: 12,99 € (+ 5,3 € costs for shipping - Europe + Russia + Israel + Cyprus)

price: 12,99 € (+ 6,5 € costs for shipping - North America, Africa)

price: 12,99 € (+ 7,5 € costs for shipping - South and Central America)

price: 12,99 € (+ 10 € costs for shipping - Australia)


format: vinyl 140g
cover: included :)
time: 40:49


price: 29,99 zl (+ 6 zl costs for shipping inside Poland)

price: 6,99 € (+ 5 € costs for shipping outside Poland)


format: cd-audio
cover: digipack
time: 42:03

premiere: 31 March 2013

Ultima Hombre 13:09
Asimov’s Sideburns 9:50
Masters Of Earth 19:05

Ampacity is a musical collective, dedicated to exploring the regions of regressive rock, with stoner and space vibes. It consists of members of Broken Betty – Jan Galbas, Sebastian Sawicz, and Piotr Paciorkowski, Wojtek Lacki, of God’s Own Prototype, as well as Marek Kostecki, who participated in recording sessions and release party gig of Broken Betty’s first LP – “The Sorry Eye”.

The project was formed as a one-time act, supposed to perform songs from the golden age of space rock, on Spacefest festival. However, this formula was quickly abandoned, and Ampacity started to operate as a regular band. Intensive work on their own material resulted in compositions, which rediscover sounds from early Hawkwind or Pink Floyd albums,  mixing them with post and stoner rock influences. Shorter, song-like arrangements give way to monumental, rich forms, which do not lack space for free improvisation.

Debut album “Encounter One” was relased on March 31st, 2013, by Nasiono Records. The album was recorded live in Gda?sk’s Custom 34 Studio, the line-up consisting of:

Music by Ampacity:
Jan Galbas - voice, guitar
Marek Kostecki - electric piano, organ, synthesizer
Wojciech Lacki - bass guitar
Piotr Paciorkowski - guitar
Sebastian Sawicz - drums

The album was engineered, as well as mixed and mastered by the band’s vocalist and guitarist Jan Galbas. Mix and master was made in Sounds Great Promotion studio.
The graphic concept was developed by Kuba Sokólski.
The album is promoted online by the track “Ultima Hombre”

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